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Albrightsville Demographics

Albrightsville Demographics and Lifestyle Information

Albrightsville is a tiny little village in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. But don’t get fooled by its size or population. It’s actually a quite interesting place to visit. There are several interesting places to visit, local events to attend to, and remarkable restaurants to dine. But to know more about the typical Albrightsville lifestyle and its residents first and foremost, you have to continue reading.

Albrightsville DemographicsThe current population is around 250. The village’s median household income meanwhile is at $50,000. Most of the residents obtain income from different types of jobs in the food and sales industry. Additionally, there are a good number of residents working in executive settings and grounds maintenance.

The average household net worth for a home in Albrightsville is $364,000. As for the people that make up the populace, about 20{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} are labeled or classified as long term residents. These people are those who have lived in the same home and the same area for at least five years. Only 18{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of the current population count is seen to have moved in the past two years.

Meanwhile, the male to female ratio in Albrightsville is 26:24. Compared to the ratio of the entire Carbon Country, it is suggested that there are more males residing in this area compared to other areas under Carbon County.

Furthermore, let’s take a look at the crime rate index in the area. By definition, crime rate index refers to the average crime rate for a local area compared to the nearby areas as well as the average on the national level. So for Albrightsville, let’s consider a crime index of 100 as representing the national average. In this regard, the numbers say that Albrightsville has about 10{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} more property crime when compare to the entire Carbon County figures. However, that number is significantly lower compared to the nation’s average, which in this case is about 50{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} below the nation’s average. Nonetheless, Albrightsville at least has a 10{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} less personal crime compared to Carbon County.

Next is marital status. This refers to the percentage of residents in the area by way of classifying them as single, married, divorced, or widowed. Hence, 87{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of the residents are married while 13{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} are single. This means that so far, no one in the village is listed as divorced or widowed. In comparison to the numbers in Carbon County, data supports that there are 10{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} more married people in Albrightsville.

At the household level, we’re also looking at the income brackets of Albrightsville residents. In general, the median household income is listed at $50,000, which by the way is almost similar to that of Carbon County, which is listed at $49,990.

Finally, let’s talk about education. In the town of Albrightsville, about 11{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of residents within the age group of 18 and above were able to graduate from high school. Furthermore, exactly 17{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} completed at least a Bachelor’s degree. This means that there are an unidentified number of residents who may have attained something higher than a Bachelor’s degree. This stat is higher compared to the rest of Carbon County.