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Albrightsville Information

Albrightsville, Pennsylvania: What You Need To Know

Albrightsville is a census-designated area in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, particularly in the Kidder and Penn Forest Townships. It is one of the smallest places in the state, with a population of less than 300 based on a 2010 census. The Mud Run serves as the township boundary, where the village is drained westward into the Lehigh River. In road travel, Routes 903 and 534 intersect inside the village.

While Albrightsville has its own post office and zip code of 18210, some areas situated in the north and west are actually using the zip code 18624 of Lake Harmony.

If you are planning to visit the famous Hickory Run State park, then you can find time to visit this village because it is very near in proximity to the said park.


Most residents of Albrightsville are high school graduates who have married and stayed in the community. They also are mostly property owners and male. The average age of these males is sixty. As for occupation, the area is home to people working in the food and sales industry, including grounds maintenance and executive.


Talking about weather meanwhile, Albrightsville has an average summer high temperature of 80 degrees. For the winter and cold season on the other hand, the average winter low is listed at 12 degrees. Just like other areas in Pennsylvania, it experiences occasional stormy weather as well as strong winds and tornadoes.

real estate in Albrightsville PAHousing and Rental

For the traditional mortgage in the village, the rate is listed at slightly above $500 per month while average listing price for homes is at $79k. In this part of the State of Pennsylvania, one can say that the real estate industry is quite a balanced market. What this means is that both buyers and sellers are at an advantage. Hence, homes are going to be sold at the exact same rate for which they were originally listed. For sellers, it means they get to sell their homes based on their asking price.

As for rent, the average is listed at slightly above $1000. While it seems to be a bit high or expensive, the good news is that the rent prices in Albrightsville in general are stable. But what’s even better news is the fact that availability of rentable places will suffice for the area’s population. In simpler terms, if you are someone who nets an annual income of about $50,000, it means you going to easily afford to rent. Well, it’s also good to hear that the rent price has actually decreased by at least one percent last year. But the same as many other places in the entire Pennsylvania, it is always true that buying will be a lot cheaper compared to renting – or at least if you’re looking at a ten to fifteen years perspective.

Lastly, if you plan to visit or even stay for awhile in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, you must know these facts. Who knows, you might even decide on staying for good. Even though it’s a small community, it bears the image of providing a good, prosperous, and peaceful life for its residents.