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Albrightsville Local Restaurants

Albrightsville Local Restaurants

When it comes to food, everyone is interested. It’s really because what we put in our stomach gives us utmost pleasure. So when traveling or visiting different places, trying out local dishes served in local restaurants is always a part of the itinerary. Well in fact, food is one of the reasons why people go to places they’ve never been before.

But we’re not just talking about going abroad. If you happen to visit Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, regardless of purpose, you should spend time discovering what this tiny village in Carbon County has to offer. Guaranteed, you’d be amazed at how great the local restaurants are – something which actually is quite intriguing knowing that Albrightsville is home to less than three hundred residents.

So let’s talk about the local restaurants and what they have to offer…

Pocono Tap House

Pocono Tap HouseLet’s start the list with probably the most popular local dining in Albrightsville. The Pocono Tap House offers an American-themed menu with daily specials intended for loyal customers to keep coming back. They offer starters up to late night snacks. There is also live entertainment during the weekends, which by the way is something of a local anticipated event in the area. Aside from the food, the restaurant offers American-style pastimes like pool tables, arcade games, darts, and others. During the summer season meanwhile, the entire outside deck is opened for access to customers. Located at Route 534 in Albrightsville, this restaurant is ideal for groups as well as take outs.

Gagliano’s Pizza and Restaurant

Located at 5 Pine Point Plaza, it’s the perfect place in Albrightsville for families and kids. This establishment has been run by the same family for thirty years. They came from Brooklyn and have built quite a reputation for offering the freshest ingredients in their menu. They have the traditional American breakfast, diners, Italian food, pizza, fast food, seafood, and lots of sandwiches. But they’re more than just dining in. You can also do some take outs, delivery, catering, and walk-ins. The restaurant’s specialties meanwhile are their breakfast and dinner.

Hunan House Restaurant

But if you want to have something that’s a little exotic or new, the Hunan House Restaurant in 2681 State Route 903 is an interesting option. What they offer is ideal Chinese food for takeout. If you want some traditional Asian cuisine for dinner or maybe some spicy stuff for lunch, they have some very nice menu options, including rice noodles and all sorts of steamed food. It’s the perfect Asian flavor for that unique experience you’re looking for.

Paulo’s Pizzeria Restaurant

For that weekend craving for food, you might want to try out Paulo’s Pizzeria Restaurant. This is what most residents in Albrightsville, PA do. Located at 2681 State Route 903, this restaurant offers more than just traditional pizza. They have the best chicken recipes and sandwiches in the area. But what really makes them special is that everything’s made with some homemade flavor in them. However, you can’t afford to miss out on grandma’s pizza when you come to visit.