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Brodheadsville Community Information

Brodheadsville Community Information

One of the busier areas in Monroe County, Pennsylvania is a census-designated place (CDP) called Brodheadsville. With a population of almost 2,000 people, it is a lively community with so much to offer when it comes to tourism, vacation, and weekend trips.

Brodheadsville is a community served by the Pleasant Valley School District, along with other townships of Chestnuthill, Eldred, Ross, and Polk, in the west end of Monroe County.

Brodheadsville Geographic Profile

The exact geographic location of Brodheadsville is 40°55′36″N 75°24′17″W. Based on the data from the United States Census Bureau, this census-designated place has a total area of 4.3 square miles and majority of it is land, while only 0.04 square miles is water. In Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania Route 115 begins on U.S. Route 209. Going through 115 leads to Wilkes-Barre, while 209 will lead to Lehighton and Stroudsburg.

Brodheadsville Demographics

Based on the 2000 Census, the residents in Brodheadsville reach almost 2,000, with a little over 600 households and almost 500 families. All of them have listed their residences in the CDP. Population density is listed at 382.8 people for every square mile. With over 600 housing units, the average density is 156 per square mile.

Brodheadsville Racial Makeup

For the residents’ racial makeup, 93.77{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of the population is white. 2.50{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} are African Americans, 1.47{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} is Asian, 0.12{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} is Native Americans, and the rest are minorities. Also, it is worthy to note that 2.87{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of the population belongs to Hispanic or Latino race.

There are also 602 households in Brodheadsville, wherein 35.4{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of those have children under the age of 18 who live with them. On the other hand, 64.8{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} are married couples who are living together, while almost 10{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} has a female householder without a husband present at home. 23{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} meanwhile are non-families. Likewise, 19{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of all households are considered as individual while about 7{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} are classified as someone who is living alone and is above 65 years old. The average household size is listed at 2.71 and average family size is 3.

Brodheadsville Age Distribution

As for the population’s age distribution, 26{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of the residents are under 18. 8{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} belong in the age range of 18 to 24, while 27.3{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} are aged 25 to 44. For ages 45 to 64, they comprise 25.7{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of the population and finally, 12.8{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} are 65 years old and above. Therefore, the median age is listed at 38 years. For every 100 females, there are 101.6 males.

Finally, the household income (median) in Brodheadsville is a little over $46,000 and the median income for families is $53,000. As for male against female, the former has a median income of $47,000 while the latter is slightly above $21,000. Per capita income is listed at $24,140. Unfortunately, about 9{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of the population is referred to as living below the poverty line while 3.3{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} of families are also below the line. But these percentages or numbers are just a small dent in the entire population of the CDP. It still can be rightfully said that town of Brodheadsville is a typical community with most residents living as mid-level income earners.