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Brodheadsville Schools

Brodheadsville Schools : Pleasant Valley School District

The Pleasant Valley School District is a public school district situated in the west end of Monroe County in Pennsylvania. It is classified as a midsized and rural district. It covers about 114 square miles in area, including the townships of Chestnuthill, Polk, Ross, and Eldred. Likewise, it also covers several communities in the Lehigh Valley region, including Brodheadsville, PA.

Brodheadsville PA SchoolsThe entire district served a population of almost 30,000 residents in a 2000 census. But by 2010, the Census Bureau revealed that the population of the same district actually increased to almost 34,000. The district’s residents per capita income was listed at little over $19,000 and the family median income was somewhere above $51,000, which is slightly above the entire U.S. median family income, listed at $49,000.

Furthermore, the educational attainment levels for its population, covering those aged 25 and above were almost 90{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e} for high school graduates while college graduates have a percentage of almost 18{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e}. Meanwhile, district officials revealed that by SY 2007-2008, the school district which covers Brodheadsville and other towns and communities provided the basic educational services to 6,621 pupils, while at the same time employing 498 teachers, 31 administrators, and 508 support personnel, including full-time and part-time.

The district is a beneficiary of $31.5 million of state funding for the same mentioned school year. But by SY 2009-2010, the number of pupils served got lower, specifically at 5,987 while the list of employed teachers went down to 468. The funding on the other hand increased for the SY 2009-2010, which was then listed at $37 million.

Schools under the Pleasant Valley School District

This school district is responsible for the operation of four schools. These are the Pleasant Valley Elementary School (K-3), Pleasant Valley Intermediate School (4-6), Pleasant Valley Middle School (7-8), and the Pleasant Valley High School (9-12). For high school students, they have the option to attend the Monroe Career and Tech Institute for further training. Also, the Colonial Intermediate Unit IU20 offers the district a good selection of services such as specialized education for disabled students, professional development for the faculty and staff, and speech/visual/hearing disability services.

Management/District Governance in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

Finally, the school district is governed by nine elected board members who are given a four-year term, along with the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, Pennsylvania General Assembly, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. On the other hand, the federal government also has some say and control over the school district’s programs which it funded. There will be a Superintendent and Business Manager, both of which are appointed to the position by the school board. The Superintendent will be serving as the chief administrative officer, the main responsibility of which is the school operations, including finance and education. The Business Manager on the other hand is the one responsible for the budget and financial operations. However, both these officials don’t have the capacity to vote members of the school board. The school board for its part will be entering individual employment contracts for their position.