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East Stroudsburg Attractions

Pocono Snake and Animal Farm in East Stroudsburg

There are quite a few amazing places and events to go to when you’re in the Poconos. But if you find yourself visiting East Stroudsburg and you’re with your whole family, then you shouldn’t miss the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm. This local attraction is a “must-visit” especially for kids. Now let’s see what this place has to offer…

Located at 424 Seven Bridge Road, the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm have been providing a fun experience for kids and even young adults for more than 35 years. The owners of the local attraction admit that their facility is small. But that doesn’t mean the farm lacks in excitement. As a matter of fact, it’s quite rich in terms of animal attractions. There are lizards and lemurs to begin with. For little ones, there are activities that will give them utmost fun like bottle-feeding deer, goats, and pot bellied pigs. Kids can also feed other animals like monkeys and rabbits. Of course, the highlight would be the huge python currently measuring at 23 feet.

This local attraction began operating over thirty years ago. Most of the animals including reptiles were not bought. Instead, they found their way to the farm through donations. Most of the previous owners realized they no longer had the capacity to take care of their exotic pets properly. By reaching the farm, the animals are definitely in better hands, living healthier and happier lives. And because the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm regularly receive donated animals, they’ve become more like a rehabilitation facility for those animals, although they claim to be nothing more than just an amusement park for the family. But it can’t be denied that they provide the best possible shelter and living for animals in this region.

Animal Highlights

Blackbeary – You probably have an idea where the name comes from. Blackbeary is actually a very sociable and personable black bear. What she loves the most is eating bear treats from visitors.

Monkeys Searching For Fun – Then there’s bunch of fun-loving monkeys who loves to boast and show off in order to get peanuts and fruits from visitors.

An Entire Family of Sloths – Most zoos and animal farms have sloths. However, what the Pocono farm has is an entire family of sloths.

And More – Aside from those three attractions, you have so many more animals to have fun with, including but not limited to the rare Madagascan ring-tailed lemurs, raccoons, bobcats, chinchillas, one black leopard, armadillo, and various petting animals.

But you shouldn’t leave this amazing farm without a visit and look at the reptile collection. The collection features a 14-foot King Cobra, 150-pound Alligator Snapping Turtle who is believed to be 100 years, and a huge outdoor pond full of alligators, turtles, and goldfish. The reptile display on the other hand has the African Puff Adder, Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes, and the Albino Monocled Cobra.

Just a few reminders though the moment you decide on visiting East Stroudsburg, PA. First, only wear low heeled shoes. You can’t bring with you outside food and drinks. Every child has to be accompanied by an adult. Finally, don’t forget your camera!