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East Stroudsburg Museums and Attractions

Fresh Attractions Your Family Must Visit in East Stroudsburg

Shawnee Resort, East Stroudsburg, PAYou will see once you visit East Stroudsburg that there are so many wonderful places to see in the borough. Every place you go is something ideal for you and the entire family. It’s just a matter of choosing which attraction to visit first. But no worries; continue reading and we’ll give you some fresh attractions designed for the entire family.

Sky’s the Limit

Okay, fine this one isn’t really for all. What we mean is skydiving might be fun for mom and dad, even the big sister or brother. It isn’t for very young ones. Anyhow, for a complete and thrilling experience like free falling from thirteen thousand feet above the Pocono Mountains, this one perfectly fits your craving.

Sky’s The Limit is located at 124 Airport Strip Road East Stroudsburg. It features skydiving like you’ve never experienced before. Aside from a remarkable view of the Pocono Mountains, you can also view the Manhattan Skyline as you float to the ground.

But as mentioned earlier, this experience isn’t for everyone. In fact, you will have to be over 18 years old and weight under 245 lbs in order to experience the one-minute free fall from thirteen thousand feet. There’s also an equally beautiful five minute canopy ride. Amenities include gear rentals, gear sales, covered parking area, rigging services, and more.

Pocono Indian Museum

The next local attraction is the Pocono Indian Museum. It is one-of-a-kind because it’s the only museum in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania which shows the history of the Delaware Indians. This museum showcases the history of the “Delawares” through the various displays of ancient artifacts, tools, and weapons.

The entire museum tour will take about thirty minutes. And since it is an indoor attraction, it is ideal for the entire family, even young kids who are interested in history. Visitors are given an audio device which narrates a detailed account and explanation of the unique and historic displays.

Shawnee Mountain Ski Area

The last local fresh attraction on this list is another outdoor experience. Located at 401 Hollow Road in East Stroudsburg, the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area is full of outdoor adventure, with the likes of nature and parks, skiing, and snowboard areas. In fact, it is considered by many as Pocono’s favorite family ski resort, thanks to its magnificent features, area, and customer service. But perhaps the most important reason why it is so popular is because it is very close to New York City as well as the northern part of New Jersey.

When it comes to features, this resort has twenty three slopes and trails, snow tubing, children’s programs, two terrain parks, and many more. There are ski and snowboard schools for group lessons and private lessons. There are also children’s programs intended to encourage your kids to be more physically active. But unlike most other ski resorts, Shawnee Mountain Ski Area actually offers both day and overnight trips.

Planning to visit East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania or the Poconos? If so, make sure you have the time to enjoy these attractions we just mentioned. You’re definitely in for some fun!