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East Stroudsburg Travel Guide

East Stroudsburg Travel Guide

A travel to East Stroudsburg is as convenient as it gets. But if it is your first time to visit this wonderful borough in Monroe County, PA, you will need a comprehensive guide to not only enjoy your visit but also to make sure you don’t waste your time getting lost. So here’s a complete local travel guide you can easily use…

Borough of East Stroudsburg Intro

East Stroudsburg TransportationEast Stroudsburg is a borough located in Monroe County. The County for its part was officially created on the 1st of April, 1836. It was originally a part of Northampton and Pike Counties. Its name is in honor of President James Monroe. Stroudsburg meanwhile was eventually picked as the county seat by 1837. The term “Stroudsburg” came from Jacob Stroud, the original settle of the area. In the modern day, Monroe County covers 16 townships (second class) and 4 incorporated boroughs. The population is estimated to by 139,000 people. The 18th century marked the most significant rise in settlement in the area while the borough of East Stroudsburg and Smithfield Township are the oldest communities.

How to Get In

By car – The most convenient (and fastest) way to reach East Stroudsburg is by driving your own car from Interstate 80. It’s easy to find because it is one of the last exits on the interstate right before you enter New Jersey.

By bus – If you wish to take the bus instead, the good news is that Greyhound provides buses that will leave town twice every day. This will be in the morning and at night. There are also two other buses that pass by town twice every day, too. The Greyhound buses are going to make stops in the Martz bus station, which are only a few miles from the main street.

Also, if you are getting around town, driving your own car will certainly be the most convenient way. However, if you don’t use your own car, there’s always the option of renting one, especially if it is your first time to visit East Stroudsburg.

What to See

East Stroudsburg is home to a rich history and distinctive places and attractions. There are several museums, nature resorts, parks, and art galleries in and near the area. Some of the best are the Pocono Indian Museum, Quiet Valley Farm Museum, Gallery 705, and the Delaware Water Gap National and State Park.

Things to Do

Because the borough of East Stroudsburg is situated between two great rivers, the borough is naturally a hotbed for many different activities related to nature. So if you are a visitor or tourist, you will be interested in camping, golf, skydiving, or even just a simple walk in the park. The best places to go with respect to those mentioned activities are the Otter Lake Campground, Terra Greens Golf Course, Twin Pines, and Dansbury Park.


At the end of the day, you’ll certainly look for that fine local food to satisfy your hunger after an entire day of activity. The best places to go to eat are the Dansbury Depot, Dominic’s Tuscan Grill, Sarah Street Bar and Grill, and the Peppermill Family Restaurant.