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Emergency Backup Power For Homes

If you have any reservations about buying home standby generators, you need to know why emergency backup power is essential in every home.

Preparing For Emergencies

As a homeowner, one of the wisest decisions you can make is to be prepared for emergencies.  Power outages often occur without warning.  From accidents involving utility poles to winter storms, power outages can rarely be predicted in advance.  It is up to you to prepare for emergencies by having emergency backup power in your home.

Home Standby Generators For Safety

When you lose power unexpectedly, it can create an unsafe environment in your home.  This can be a special problem during the evening and nighttime hours if you do not have appropriate lighting.  While any member of your family could have a serious accident because they cannot see, it can be more worrisome if you have small children or elderly family members.

Generac home standby generators provide safety during a power outage.  After your generator senses your home has lost power, the problem will be immediately resolved.  The backup power will restore the lighting so your family can move around your home safely.

A generator is much safer than using oil lamps or candles to light your home.  There are no fumes, and no danger of accidental fires.  A home generator is the safest approach you can take when you lose electrical power.

Home Standby Generators For Health

A power outage can mean you no longer have heat in your home.  This can be more than uncomfortable.  During the wintertime, you need heat to stay healthy.  Even if you have a space heater, it is unsafe and inconvenient to use extension cords.  A home standby generator is a better option when you lose heat due to a power outage.  The heat will be restored so your family can stay warm and healthy.

Your refrigerator is another reason a power outage can affect your health.  While you may have heard food will stay fresh for a period of time during a power outage, it is unwise to take chances.  In the interest of your family’s health, perishable food products need to be kept cold.  When you have a generator, you will not have to worry about opening the refrigerator door, or dispose of your food after the power returns.  Your generator will keep the refrigerator operating properly, so all the food will be fresh.

Cooking can present a problem during power failures, especially if you rely on a microwave.  When you have a generator, you will not have to skip meals or eat foods that do not have to be cooked.  You can serve hot, healthy meals to your family even when you have lost electrical power.

Home Standby Generators For Convenience

Think of the last time you lost power in your home.  Perhaps your neighbors experienced the same problem.  If you are like most people, you put your daily activities on hold and waited for the power to return.  Perhaps you had chores to do, or wanted to read a book.  You may have noticed it can take hours, days, or even longer for electrical power to be restored.

This will not be a problem when you have emergency backup power.  You can have convenience in your daily life when your power is immediately restored.

Generators For Your Electrical Panel

Emergency backup power is not only for lighting and small appliances.  A generator is also useful for appliances you do not think of until you have lost power.  One example is a well pump.  The supply of water to your home can be affected by a power outage.  A second example is your furnace.  If there are too many rooms in your home to be adequately heated by space heaters, a generator can keep your furnace working.

The manual transfer switch can take full power from the generator directly to the electrical panel.  Your well pump and furnace will operate effectively.

Choosing Emergency Backup Power For Your Home

Generac offers a wide range of generators.  You can use the home backup generator sizing calculator on the website to determine which generator is appropriate for your home.  If you have any questions about this process, and do not know which generator is right for you, a customer service representative will be glad to help.

During the wintertime, the need for consistent power in your home can seem especially important.  You do not want to lose heat during the coldest time of the year.  However, the need for home power is not limited to the winter.  Lights, refrigeration, and other conveniences are essential throughout the year.

Your home should not be without home standby generators.  Regardless of when you lose power, or how long it is off, your family can be safe, healthy, and comfortable with emergency backup power.