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Generac Replaces CorePower With Updated PowerPact for Emergency Power Generators

Generac PowerPact 6518The power generation system termed CorePower is no longer available through Generac.  The preceding system amounted to a seven thousand watt emergency generator.  It was operational by means of propane or natural gas.  It included a built in Load Center.

The newer PowerPact emergency system is a 7 kilowatt and part of the guardian offerings of power emergency systems.  It makes use of a controller which works well with a number of options inclusive of a mobile monitor and a monitoring system which is operational at remote locations.

The current power generator within the Guardian brand offerings is cost-effective in providing emergency power for either long-term or short-term power outage situations.

There are 3 PowerPact Offerings

Generac provides its customers PowerPact in three different packages relative to type of installation.

  • Model 6561 is a generator only (7 Kilowatt system).
  • The model 6518 is inclusive of a seven kilowatt generator.  It has a fifty amp transfer switch which is wired for up to 8 circuits; along with whips for wiring.
  • The model 6519 provides the user with the same generator and switch as model number 6518 absent of the whips.

The switch comes available with 8 circuits:  5 fifteen amp, one hundred twenty volt; 2 twenty amp, one hundred twenty volt and 1 thirty amp, two hundred forty volt.  The wiring whips inclusive in Model number 6518 makes installing the system much easier and more efficient.

Basic Power

The PowerPact system provides power when an outage occurs.  Basic circuits continue to operate.  Circuits which are essential are those that are tied to any residential appliance.  Circuits in this category which prove essential are those providing power to refrigeration units, plumbing applications such as sump pumps, heating appliances, and in-home medical apparatus.

A transfer switch which is automatic (the acronym is ATS) is operational as part of a panel of primary circuits.  The automatic transfer switch, during the course of regular operations, receives power from the main circuit breaker panel. Once a power outage is detected, the controller of the PowerPact system recognizes the problem as soon as it happens.  There is a slight pause and then the system turns on the generator.  The automatic transfer switch dis-engages the load.

It takes a matter of seconds; once a power outage is recognized. The PowerPact system is providing essential power to the home.


Generators for CorePower generators were good alternative sources for mobile power generation and emergency backup service.  PowerPact currently provides several noticeable improvements:

  • TruePower  offers power for touchy electronics.
  • Digital Controller is able to monitor voltage providing alerts and status of the generator.  It is compatible with Mobile Link.  The highly sophisticated generator is available for operation at a moment’s notice or anytime it proves necessary.
  • Installation can be performed 18 inches away from any construction.  It is recommended local building codes be checked.
  • There is a 3 year warranty.

PowerPact is operational whenever there is a power outage.  It does not matter if the homeowner is in the house or away on business. It operates by way of Propane or Natural Gas. The system is quieter than most other systems.


There is an overhead valve engine.   The wall sleeves are made of sturdy cast-iron. The engine is automatically shut down when it is over heating in order to protect it from damage.

The controller works well with LED indicators, a switch for manual as well as automatic operation, and provides monitoring of the engine.

Options are inclusive of a mobile local monitor bringing the interface of the controller inside.  Installation of Mobile Link provides sophisticated access to the controller by way of the Internet.  It is possible to check system status, review alerts and provide the system with scheduled maintenance from any computer, tablet or smart phone.

A weather kit for cold conditions is advised for areas where the temperature dips below the freezing mark.  The preceding keeps the generator operational during extremely cold conditions.

Maintenance kits are available.

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