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Jim Thorpe Lodging

The Inn at Jim Thorpe: Perfect Place to Stay While in Town

When visiting a place for the first time, it’s perfectly normal to do some advanced research to find the best accommodations. Now when you’re in the quaint town of Jim Thorpe for business or for a vacation, then your best option for a place to stay is the Inn at Jim Thorpe. An ideal combination of modern convenience and old architecture, this place was built in 1849 and is located at the heart of the town’s National Register Historic District.

This travel inn boasts its comfortable guest rooms and extravagant suites, highlighted by a whirlpool and fireplace. Other amenities include the massage courtesy of the resident spa therapists and the Broadway Grille and Pub – the restaurant/bar situated downstairs.

Jim Thorpe is one of America’s greatest symbols of a picturesque and historic town. That’s why it’s no secret that thousands of tourists visit this town every year. While enjoying the experience of outdoor recreation which includes anything you can do under the sun, the Inn at Jim Thorpe offers the best possible comfort and convenience of rest at the end of an exciting day.

Humble Beginnings in Jim Thorpe, PA

The establishment’s beginnings started in 1833, when Cornelius Connor built the White Swan Hotel for the purpose of accommodating visitors to the town, during a period when it was still a popular coal transportation hub. Connor then rebuilt it after it was burned to the ground during the great fire of 1849. He named it the New American Hotel. This newly built hotel became the social center of the entire town, where several personalities took time to spend their night. The list includes President William H. Taft, General Ulysses S. Grant, Buffalo Bill, John D. Rockefeller, and Thomas Edison.

But during the Great Depression, the Inn also felt the tumbling economy. Everyone seemed to be suffering from the effects of the downturn. However, just like most historic establishments in Jim Thorpe, this one endured.

And in 1988, John Drury bought the Inn and then restored it to what it is today. The current general manager is John Drury’s son, David; and rightfully so, it is known as the landmark gem of Broadway.

Local Attractions and Things To Do Near The Inn at Jim Thorpe

Because the Inn at Jim Thorpe is located at the heart of the town, you’re strategically close to many of the local attractions in the area. There are also so many fun and interesting things to do.

  • There are several shops in Broadway and West Broadway and most of them are highlighted by their ornate 19th century buildings. There are art galleries, too.
  • For dining, there are numerous amazing restaurants, including traditional pubs.
  • Live music is free for all. There are regular performances at the historic opera house as well.
  • And finally, there’s the outdoor recreation. Well in fact, nature parks in this town are one of the main reasons why people flock all year round. Also, residents continue to patronize their nature parks, thanks to never-ending fun provided by hiking, cross-country ski trails, mountain biking, rafting, downhill skiing, hunting, and many more.