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Kresgeville Child Care

The Growing Place Child Care Centers in Kresgeville

The Growing Place Child Care Centers was originally an outreach of the Salem St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church established in Kresgeville. Today, it is one of the most recognizable and loved local organizations in this small and tight-knit community in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. As a modern day non-profit subsidiary corporation of the church, it runs and operates with the help and support of parent fees as well as numerous fundraising campaigns.

For so many years, “The Growing Place” literally grew, being able to consistently meet the needs of the entire community. As a matter of fact, it now has five convenient sites in Monroe County. Also, there are school age sites in the Pleasant Valley and Stroudsburg Area School Districts. With all these facilities, The Growing Place is already responsible for more than 400 families every year.

Various Services

The organization serves children eight weeks to twelve years. They belong in the programs for Infants and Toddlers, Preschool, and School Age. There’s also a program for working parents. The Growing Place is dedicated and remains entirely committed to supporting the needs of every family, regardless of their situation.

But be reminded that all the centers under the organization are not based or loyal to a specific religion. They are non-denominational as well. Likewise, they have a license courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, which means they’re valid and legitimate.

History of the Kresgeville Located Organization

The organization was established in 1976, originally as an outreach program of the Salem St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church based in Kresgeville, PA. The once small child care center eventually grew into five different centers and unique programs. They have been responsible for giving direction to the lives of thousands of young children in the western end of Monroe County. By 1983, The Growing Place began expanding. The first additional site was built in nearby Brodheadsville. In 1995, another significant development paved the way for the building of the Kresgeville Infant and Toddler Center. This center was opened in order to offer utmost care for kids in an environment and setting that emulates the ideal home.

As soon as the programs started growing and expanding, it became quite obvious that the school programs were in need of better facilities. The good news was by 1999, the Polk School Age site addressed that need and the Pleasant Valley Elementary School Age site quickly followed. In 2002, The Growing Place was able to purchase the building that would later be the official home of the Infant and Toddler Center. The very first school age site in the Stroudsburg Area was established in 2004, in Hamilton Elementary School.

Today, The Growing Place located in Kresgeville is still the second largest site for the organization. It is capable of serving up to 120 children per year for its preschool programs. But their headquarters is now located in the Chestnut Hill Elementary School located in Brodheadsville. It is also the largest center and can serve up to 200 children in one year.