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Kresgeville Vineyards

Big Creek Vineyard in Kresgeville, Pennsylvania

The town of Kresgeville is a small unincorporated community in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. It is specifically situated on U.S. Route 209, about six miles in the west-southwest of Brodheadsville, another town in Monroe County. Although Kresgeville covers a small area, it is home to one of the most popular vineyards in the state – the Big Creek Vineyard. This local attraction is the subject of this article.

The vineyard is found at the south face of the Pocono Escarpment, or in the western corner of Monroe County, specifically in Kresgeville. It is likewise situated in the northeastern most section of the Appalachian Plateau.

According to the owners and workers of the vineyard, the great glaciers have led to the creation of the specific type of local geology in this area. The glacial drift coupled with the natural presence of shale and slate has some effect on the kind of environment that is perfect for the vineyard. The soils are well drained and with very little inherent fertility. Meanwhile, the slopes facing south are able to capture the sun in the winter. Combined with the soil abundant in slate and shale, the type of grape as well as the method of growing them has contributed to the guarantee that the crop produced is healthy and perfect. In essence, nature and geology in this area have contributed to the production of great wines in Big Creek Vineyard.

Big Creek Vineyard & Kresgeville History

The vineyard started when the owners began the hobby of planting of Concord in the 80s. Armed with the ever increasing familiarity and experience in local climate and pest control, the hobby soon became something of a concept to transform it into more of an income-generating gig. While they began planting varieties like Riesling, Nebbiolo, and Cabernet Sauvignon, they eventually realized that although the wines produced using them were great, they didn’t have the ideal climate in Kresgeville for the production of ripe and healthy grapes.

But they do have some traditional European grape varieties that still thrive in the area. The two most common ones are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. But the vineyard’s specialty is the new plantings which possess attributes like cold tolerance and disease resistance features. They are mostly hybrids of American and European vines.

Process of Winemaking in Kresgeville

There is what they call as the philosophy of the “wine illuminati” wherein they have all sorts of expertise and experience in handling the grapes once they reach the winery and become good old bottles of wine. The constant exposure to the vines every single day makes the process a lot easier. For the workers in the vineyard, putting the effort, time, and research pay off a lot – giving them the ability to produce the best and most specialized wine. For instance, they use the traditional bucket instead of the pump and they provide utmost attention in terms of treating things gently, carefully, and with maximum care. What’s interesting about the process of making wine is that the way things were done three generations ago is still used today.