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Kunkletown Pub at Buckwha Inne

Local Eatery: Kunkletown Pub at Buckwha Inne

Good news for the residents of Kunkletown and nearby areas, a history eatery is finally reopening its doors once again for both its avid customers and new ones. Courtesy of the chairman of the Eldred Township board of supervisors, the family restaurant is once again open, serving the usual homemade favorites and in the process showcasing the rich history of the village of Kunkletown.

Kunkletown Pub at Buckwha InneBig thanks go to Gretchen Gannon Pettit, who took over the leadership of the board just this January 6. The newly opened local restaurant is now named the Kunkletown Pub at Buckwha Inne. According to the owner, the restaurant is established with the objective of bringing forth a healthy and wholesome family atmosphere for the residents of the village and its visitors. According to her, the idea really was to build and run a business which promotes a relaxing and healthy family get together, where there is no smoking allowed and vice tolerated. The menu is wholesome, too, starting with cheeseburgers and fries to chicken francaise and drinks. The usual and old customers are to expect the serving of the traditional homemade specialties and the owner, Gretchen, is likewise working as the local dining’s chef.

She adds that before the restaurant was open, she felt like there really wasn’t something in town that could be used as a place where anyone can just sit down and relax for awhile while having a burger or nice hot soup.


The building where this new restaurant in Kunkletown currently sits has its fair share of history. It dates back to 1838. Most recently, it housed the Jupiter Tavern, but many of the old residents in the area mostly recognize it as the American Hotel. According to Historical Society of Eldred Township chairman Helen Mackes, the building by itself bears a significant role in the village’s history. For her, it is crucial to preserve this kind of historical symbol in the village. With the establishment and reopening of the restaurant, the building is in some way rejuvenated and given a new lease on life.

The owner adds that she has been eyeing the property for almost a decade now. This year, it was listed on the sheriff’s sale of property when the building was foreclosed. This was the time she initiated on her interest of acquiring it. Accordingly, a church nearby had some interest on the lot where the hotel was built. So it proposed for an addition. The church and Pettit eventually agreed to produce the funds and went on to close on the deal for the little piece of the land.

For Mackes, she’s more than happy to see that someone has acquired the hotel and it seems to be in good hands. She also hopes that the restaurant will become popular and more and more people will be coming in the village to explore what it has to offer. Today, the best and most popular restaurant feature is the prime rib for Friday prime rib night. It is something that people are beginning to talk about. Hopefully, it’ll become a tradition, too.

Finally, the restaurant is open starting noon up to 9 in the evening, from Tuesday to Sunday.