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Lehighton, PA Attractions

Things to See and Do In Lehighton, PA

Lehighton is a pretty impressive place to visit if what you are searching for is total fun and excitement. It is a busy and active borough in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. With so many local attractions and things to see, we can’t wait but give you what we think are your best options if you’re visiting for the first time.

  1. Beltzville State Park – a pride of Carbon County, this state park covers almost 3,000 acres. It is developed around the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control project called the Beltzville Dam. The park is situated along the Pohocopo Creek with numerous recreation sites around the lake. The park is popular for its exciting features like the wooded and open picnic areas that contain modern and clean restrooms, tables, parking areas, and mooring areas for boats. The lake inside the park is ideal for motor boating, sailing, and some fishing, too.

  2. Bike Night – The next attraction in your itinerary is Bike Night. It’s actually a one-day motorcycle event, or more like a tradition in Lehighton. It also features a street fair with all the food, games, and entertainment that you can handle. The proceeds of the events will be going to the Lehighton Police and Fire Departments. The event is usually highlighted by local entertainment including Poker Run, Bike Show, and rodeo games.
  3. Galen Glen Vineyards and Winery – The next attraction to see has some history in it. This winery may be relatively new (built in 1995) compared to others in the region, but the Troxell family has been farming the very same area for more than two centuries. The wine production begins in the hilltop vineyard located between the Appalachian and Mahoning Mountains. The grapes are perfectly grown, thanks to the micro-climate setting. You do have to visit this amazing place with eleven acres of grapes all over. Perhaps the highlight would be the underground Stone Cellars. Of course, don’t forget the wine tasting part of the trip!
  4. Ukrainian Homestead – The Ukrainian Homestead meanwhile is located at the very site of the former Lafayette Lentz Estate. Lentz was a well-known businessman in his time and was even considered one of the few millionaires in the town of Jim Thorpe during the 1800s. He built the estate for his wife, together with a trout hatchery. When the mansion was burned in the 1980s, the stable and some trees Lentz planted himself remained. One very good purpose of visiting this local attraction is to hold an event. It features a very large banquet hall and grounds with remarkable backgrounds. Aside from the main attraction called the Annual Ukrainian Heritage Festival, which by the way is held every 3rd weekend of August, there are also several cultural programs to anticipate. Finally, there are also children’s camps held in this homestead every year.

While we’re only mentioning four local destinations in Lehighton Pennsylvania, it doesn’t mean they’re the only ones you can visit. As a matter of fact, there are so many more places to go and events to attend when you’re in Carbon County. It’s just a matter of choosing those that you’re most interested in.