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Saylorsburg Community

Community Showcase: Saylorsburg

One of the many census-designated places in Monroe County, Saylorsburg is also an unincorporated community in the state of Pennsylvania. It is located off Pennsylvania Route 33 and exactly 5 miles in the northwest of Wind Gap. At the latest census (2010), Saylorsburg is home to 1,126 residents. Also, this small village is located mainly in Ross Township, but some part of it is in Hamilton Township as well.

Geographically, Saylorsburg is in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. There is exactly 1.21 square miles of land area together with 0.06 square miles of water. The community’s median household income according to a survey covering 2008-2012 is listed at $49,063. On the other hand, the median house value is $127,200, also in the same period. For education, the public school district having authority and coverage over the town of Saylorsburg has an average that’s close or almost similar in quality to that of the state average.

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Population of Saylorsburg

As previously stated, Saylorsburg has a population of 1,126. Based on this number and that of the total land area, the population density is determined to be 890.18. This is unfortunately almost four times higher to that of the state average, which in this case is 275.81 persons for every square mile.

As with majority of communities, cities, towns, and villages in Monroe County and Pennsylvania, Saylorsburg has a racial makeup that’s predominantly white. This is validated by the percentage of white people in the total population, which currently stands at 95.20{fd5c8eaaa69fc34bc9eda6c5604a144a3976ebad81be452c184cebcf953b0d8e}. However, it’s kind of interesting to know that the average education level in Saylorsburg is actually lower compared to the state average. It is also much lower compared to the national average.


For the period of 2008-2012, the per capita income of this unincorporated community in Monroe County is $21,112. This number is actually lower to that of the state average, which by the way is listed at $28,190. The same per capita income is also lower to the national average. Meanwhile, the median household income is $49,063.

Residents in Saylorsburg on average are going to spend almost 23 minutes every day in order to commute to work. This number is slightly lower to the state average of almost 26 minutes. It is also lower compared to the national average, listed at 25.4 minutes.


Median price of a typical house addressed in Saylorsburg is $127,200. This is substantially lower to that of the state average which is at $165,000. The median year for a house built in this community meanwhile is 1955. This means most of the houses have been standing and in existence for many decades now. For Pennsylvania, the median year for a house built is 1960.


Average temperature in town is 47.32 degrees F. This is actually lower compared to the state average of 49.80 degrees F. But it really depends on every person to judge if they like to live in a warmer or colder place. The likelihood of experiencing earthquake in this community is pretty much the same to that of the possibilities in the entire state of Pennsylvania.