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Saylorsburg Featured Business: Creature Comforts

Saylorsburg Featured Business: Creature Comforts Veterinary Service

When we talk about interesting things about Saylorsburg, the usual things that come to mind are local attractions, events and festivals, restaurants, hotels and accommodations, and resorts. However, those aren’t the only stuff that makes a community or village like Saylorsburg interesting. In this article, let’s change the topic a bit by taking a look at a very fascinating local establishment – Creature Comforts Veterinary Service.

As the establishment title suggests, it is a veterinary clinic. But it’s not just the typical pet doctor you get to see in your neighborhood. Located in Saylorsburg, the place is actually the only facility in the entire Poconos region that offers 24/7 veterinary service. It means they can provide your pet a “round the clock” nursing and veterinary care.

As every pet owner knows, there’s no telling what day or hour will the beloved animal companion feels sick or needs immediate medical attention. For most veterinary clinics and services, operating on the usual office hours means they can only cater to the needs of pets during the day. But when your pet needs desperate help, they’re not there.

But with Creature Comforts Veterinary Service, there is 24-hours service reinforced by 24-hour staffing for seven days every week. It means every minute and every hour is the ideal time to take your pet to the doctor to have them checked.

Additionally, doctors are also always on call, which is perfect for emergencies. So when the situation needs a vet, they will be there for you and your pet. There is evening as well as weekend appointments. So what really is suggested here is that they don’t really care about what time it is; everything is geared towards helping pet owners save and take care of their animal buddies in the best and quickest time possible.

Services Offered

This veterinary clinic in Saylorsburg offers services that you don’t usually get from your previous veterinarian. The list includes orthopedics, on site laboratories, chiropractic care, pet acupuncture, house calls, veterinary homeopathy, in-house X-ray, color Doppler ultrasound, and everything that’s within the scope of advanced comprehensive pet dentistry. But what’s even more amazing is that they have the most extensive surgical practice in all of Monroe County.

Overview of the Clinic

When you go beyond the reception desk, you will have a great look at the main body of the clinic. This is where the staff as well as the doctors do majority of their work. There’s also a pharmacy with sufficient stocks of common as well as rare medications for pets, including homeopathic and alternative treatments. Everyone in the clinic also makes sure that controlled drugs are locked and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. Aside from the main body, they also have the anesthesia and dental area. So when a pet is in need of surgery or serious dental work requiring anesthesia, this is where they prep everything, including procedures like minor lacerations repair, taking of blood samples, emergency exams, and others. Other features include the contemporary radiograph equipment and cutting edge digital color ultrasound equipment.