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Saylorsburg, PA : The Lakeside Restaurant

The Lakeside Restaurant in Saylorsburg, PA

The Lakeside Restaurant located in 5154 Hamilton South, in Saylorsburg PA gives one remarkable dining experience. When you look for great place to satisfy your stomach, this is the place where you don’t just expect delicious food, but also live entertainment.

Visiting the Lehigh Valley region is in itself an exciting experience. However, you don’t just look for local attractions and sights because at the end of the day, you’ll be searching for the best place to relax and enjoy dinner. This is what the Lakeside Restaurant offers.

Owned by Henry Callie and Anthony Torcivia, practically every single resident in Saylorsburg knows that the Lakeside Restaurant is something that every tourist or visitor needs to explore. They bring out the best in the Lehigh Valley region with the perfect blend of food, drinks, and live entertainment. The place is reinforced by seasoned chefs, experienced and friendly bartenders, and even a wait staff that’s more than willing to serve you. As a matter of fact, The Lakeside is considered as one of the best dining and entertaining venues in the entire Lehigh Valley region.

Finest Chef in Town

Lakeside Restaurant prides itself with the best food in the entire Saylorsburg area. Thanks to the finest chef in town – Anthony Torcivia. Anthony is some sort of a homecoming king, after returning to this area from Philadelphia. He was in his resume thirty years of experience in the industry, working as a trained chef and a hospitality manager at the same time. The best thing about him is that he has that innate talent of keeping everyone’s heart and tummy happy. He graduated at Johnson and Wales University, Rhode Island. He is proud to boast the extensive opportunities of working with the biggest names in the restaurant industry across the U.S. He is well-loved in this town, primarily because of the creation of unique and absolutely lovely culinary delights.

The Owner

The Lakeside Restaurant in Saylorsburg is proudly owned by Henry Callie. While Chef Anthony has had a storied career in the food industry, Henry has an equally impressive resume in advertising, marketing, and even the entertainment world. He is currently living in Nazareth and was an executive for the region’s major radio stations. For more than thirty years, he has provided significant contributions to the community’s local businesses. But he’s not just a career executive. As a guitarist and vocalist of a popular local band named “The Joes,” he has played and performed in every major stage in the area. That’s why you get to make sure that the live entertainment given to customers in the Lakeside Restaurant in Saylorsburg is top quality. Accordingly, live entertainment and musical acts are scheduled to be performed every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

So for some great experience, accommodation, food, and relaxation, The Lakeside Restaurant should always be in your itinerary list; whether you’re just visiting Saylorsburg or some other areas nearby. Rest assured, you’ll consider it as a place worthy of visiting again the next time around.