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Standby Generators : Function and Installation

Standby Generators : Function and Installation

A qualified electrician can help you save a lot of costs while installing a home standby generator. Learn about generators and the installation of standby generators.

Power outage is a common phenomenon that interrupts most of the family works on day to day basis. Some of the works are so important that you may not wait for the power returns to resume the paused work. Home standby generator helps you avoid problems like power outage. The home standby generator detaches the connection with the supply lines and builds up a connection between the home appliances and the generator. This connection is established with the help of a switch. At the time of power outage the automatic standby generator moves the switch so that an electrical connection can be established between the home appliances and the generator. This connection is established within few seconds.

Function of a Home Standby Generator

honeywell generator

Honeywell Generator Installed in a Home

An automatic standby natural gas generator or propane generator consists of two essential parts. The first unit is the generator and the second unit is the automatic transfer switch. Generator is responsible for establishing the electrical connection. The automatic transfer switch helps in establishing that connection. As the name suggests the automatic transfer switch starts its function when the power goes off from the main lines. The automatic transfer switch makes use of a sensor that detects the detachment of connection from power lines at the time of power outage.

Automatic standby generator offers convenience and security at the same time

At the time of power outage, most of the appliances get damaged due to sudden disconnection between the appliances and the power lines. When you are in the middle of some important work, you would generally prefer no interruption. Automatic generator protects all the appliances by reconnecting the generator with all the appliances at the time of power outage. Apart from that it saves you from any sort of interrupted works. Your life becomes secure and you are able to control the power failure at your home with the generator.

Fuel flexibility of automatic standby generators

Automatic generators can use many types of fuels. But basically most of the automatic generators use two types of fuels. Natural gas or liquid propane vapor are the two types of fuels that the automatic standby generator uses. Usage of certain type of fuel depends upon you and the availability of certain type of fuel in a particular area where you use the generator. Both types of fuels work swiftly with the generator for bringing in transition from power main to the generator connection. There is nothing with both types of fuels that can bring better operation of the automatic generators.

Installation guide and the need of a qualified electrician

You don’t need to change the already existing wiring system in your home for installing a backup generator for house or office. The generator can be simply connected to the existing wiring of your home. But you do need a qualified electrician to connect the generator with the proper terminal. Apart from that you need to place the generator in the proper place so that you can avoid all types of dangers during the operation of the generator when power goes off. When you install the generator by you without the help of a qualified electrician, you tend to make wrong connection as you lack the needed qualification and experience in the field. When you hire a qualified electrician for installing the generator you get labor guarantee on the installation. If the connection doesn’t work or if there is some glitch in the system, you get free service within the mentioned period as offered by the service provider.

An automatic standby generator powers your home with less cost

You are always on the advantage side. An automatic standby generator costs less when you compare your loss during power outage and interruption with the cost of the generator. The installation cost of the generator is also very low. You just need to install the unit. You don’t frequent maintenance of the unit. The fuel cost of the generator is pretty low. If some parts show fault during operation, you just need to spend few bucks to repair those. If some parts don’t work properly, you may get new parts to replace those fault parts for free provided that your generator in the guarantee period.


Automatic standby generator works properly during the time of power outage. But you always need a qualified electrician to establish the connection between different terminals to save a lot of costs and to avoid any possible danger.