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Storm & Emergency Preparedness With Standby Generators

Storm & Emergency Preparedness With Standby Generators

Getting prepared for an unexpected emergency, especially one caused by severe weather is among the most crucial ways one can protect their family and home. Being proactive in addressing issues related to storms that range from electrical power outages to property damage can greatly minimize a disastrous situation. Some tips for storm and emergency preparedness include:

Ensure your homeowners insurance covers for damages by storms.

emergency preparedness with a Generac generatorNearly all homeowners have some form of insurance on their home, as recommended by their mortgage lender. However, some policies vary, and the outcome of a storm is not the time to find that you are not insured. In order to ensure that your policy covers all your needs, review the policy anytime you make significant home improvements or each year at renewal time. Additionally, take time to understand any form of exclusions, especially those that relate to the weather. For instance, majority of policies do not automatically include protection from floods.

Finally, take time to properly document your personal possessions with still images or video and have a record of their value. Store them in a safe place such as a remote-access electronic file or a safety deposit box that is easily accessible in time of an emergency.

Have backup power from a generator during an outage.

Loss of power is a common occurrence during severe weather. The financial impact of expenses as a result of an outage (e.g. home repair, supply purchases or spoiled food replacement) can accumulate very fast. Power loss as a result of storms can be very expensive. An unexpected loss of power can cause a number of inconveniences if the outage needs special arrangements such as overnight hotel stays and meals out. The easiest way for you to prepare for a power outage caused by bad weather, is through installation of a home backup generator prior to the stormy season. Fortunately, attaining the comfort and safety provided by a standby generator has become reasonable thanks to the enhanced technology that has made them smarter, and smaller, hence making them affordable.

The Generac standby generator.

This generator has won the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for many reasons. These backup generators operate on a start-up mode when there is a power outage and return to generator mode after restoration of power. Some of the benefits of using the Generac standby generator include:

It is cost effective, this generator can function on natural gas or propane supply, making it a cost effective option for backup power in your home, unlike those that use gasoline. Additionally, its design eliminates the need to buy or refill gasoline while the generator is still running.

Offers protection to power supplied appliances- electronics appliances are now not considered mere matters of convenience, as they help power every step of one’s daily life. Be it the refrigerator which keeps food safe by decreasing the temperature or the furnace in cold countries which warms up the hearth, most appliances require power to run. However, in case of a power blackout, all the above will not take place. With the Generac standby generator, all appliances start operating within a few seconds of a power failure. This prevents grave accidents from taking place such as food spoilage due to non-functional refrigerators, floods due to very cold plumbing systems or cold areas as a result of non-functioning furnaces. The Generac generator is also able to supply and support power for pumping systems, medical equipment, cooking appliances and Home Security Systems.

Therefore, choosing to have an electrician install the Generac standby generator will be beneficial during storm and emergency preparedness.