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Why An Automatic Generator Is Important

Why An Automatic Generator Is Important

An automatic standby backup generator is important power backup source for homes, businesses and just any other place where power is needed. A standby generator will get you going during power outages, or just any moment when power is much needed. Home standby generators provide the perfect solution for power outages for homeowners, no need to worry about running your devices, machines and gadgets or home lighting. Installing Honeywell generators or Generac generators for home power solutions is the next option to consider when you think about home power backup. Generac generators have unique functionality that is best suited for your home power needs.

When you install Generac standby generators, you will not have to worry about a couple of things.

First, no refueling is need

Generac home backup generators use natural gas or propane to run. This ensures that you don’t have to buy gas for refueling your generator. This makes generac generators ideal for homes.

Automatic start and stop of operation

Generac standby generators are able to quickly detect a power outage and within seconds the generator starts operation to ensure power continuity. This functionality ensures that you are able to carry on with any activity with the the least of inconvenience due to power outage. Once the utility power is back, the generator will automatically turn off.

Generac Generators are device friendly

No matter what device needs power, Generac generators are there to protect your devices during power transition periods. This is because of the smooth switching between the utility power and the standby power. In addition, refrigerators and freezers are able to preserve foods as long as the generator is running.

No noise

You will not have to worry about noise coming from the generator any more. Generac generators are quiet and able to operate at required levels with minimal speed which in turn reduces the noise level. The generators are also fitted with a sound attenuated enclosure which absorbs the noise.

Environmental friendly

Fewer emissions are produced during operation and liquids are used to cool the engine. Less fuel is consumed hence promoting greenness.

Corrosion resistant

Generac generators are coated with an all-weather steel protection or aluminum casing painted with rhino-coat paint which is corrosion resistant. This makes Generac generators to have a wide distribution regardless of the weather conditions.

Easy installation

Easy to install with, since they are pre-packaged with a pre-wire and color-coded switches. In addition, Generac generators come with a composite mounting pad and a flexible fuel line.

Automatic self-test

A quiet self-patented automatic test occurs every week for about 12 minutes. During this automatic self-test, there is minimal noise and less fuel consumption. Other generators have longer self-test periods of up to 30 minutes, which consumes more fuel and produces more noise than generac generators.

More power with Generac generators

For home power solutions, generac generators are designed to provide up to 150kW for all requirements with the ability to use multiple switches. This is highly advantageous considering 60kW of power from other generators, which may not be enough to power all your needs.

Generac generators are therefore ideal standby power solutions for homes, with the help of a qualified electrician to help you install a unit.