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Why and How to Hire an Electrician To Install Your Generac Generator

Why and How to Hire an Electrician To Install Your Generac Generator

A backup generator is an ideal solution to power outages. Electric standby generators come in a wide variety of sizes and types of varying costs. The cost of a standby generator ranges between 2,000 and 20,000 dollars and more. The cost of installing a power backup generator is an additional cost that most homeowners do no want to incur. However, the cost of installation is actually a small price to bear for quality installation services. The installation of an electric Generac power generator should be done by a competent electrician. The quality of work done by such an installer will ensure that the generator services the owner for a long time.

Reasons To Use A Licensed Electrician

There are several reasons why hiring the services of a qualified electrician for the installation of a backup power generator is important. To start with, generators are sized in Kilowatts or kW for short. Therefore a 10kW generator is able to produce 10 kW of power, which is equivalent to 10,000 watts of power. A professional installer can help a homeowner get the most appropriate generator size to suit their power needs. This is after calculating the power demands of all the electrical appliances in the home. By doing so, a homeowner is able to budget for the acquisition of a standby Generac generator.

To avoid any complications with a Generac generator, its installation has to be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Improper installation of the generator will automatically invalidate the warranty. To avoid, this it is advisable for homeowners to contract the services of a qualified electrician who has been trained on how to install Generac generators. A poorly installed Generac generator will also result in safety concerns and can end up costing a homeowner more money than they would have used in the installation process had they hired a qualified installer.

Generator installation firms, normally offer maintenance programs for their clients. These programs are aimed at ensuring Generac generators are working efficiently. Without the services of a professional and well trained installer, a homeowner will not benefit from such services. Hiring an installer should be an investment; as such a homeowner should expect handsome rewards in the form of a constant supply of electricity. In this regard, there is a need to hire a competent electrician for the installation process. Hiring an inexperienced contractor may lead to safety concerns as well as poor generator functioning.

How To Choose An Electrician

After choosing a Generac power systems, the next step is choosing a professional electrician for the installation process. Not all installers are qualified enough to install Generac generators. Additionally, since electricians specialize in different fields of electrical engineering, not every electrician will be an expert in generator installation. The first thing to do is to find a technician who specifically specializes in the installation of Generac generators. For an electrician to be qualified they must have received the requisite factory generator installation training. This training equips an electrician, with all the information they require to install a Generac generator and handle any problems that may arise during the installation process.

Experience is the key factor to consider when hiring an electrician for generator installation. It is not enough that an electrician has been in the business for many years, they need to have some experience in the installation of generators. Therefore an electrician who has been an electrician for 30 years may be less preferable to an electrician who has 5 years of standby generator installation. The key is how long an electrician has been installing Generac generators for, and not how long they have been in the electrical business in general.

When searching for an electrician to install a backup power system, one should restrict their search to electrician who is factory authorized. Factory authorized electrician are those who have received factor training as mentioned earlier. So how does one go about locating a Generac authorized electrician? The answer can be found on the official Generac website. On this website there is a feature known as the “dealer locator”. This is used to locate authorized Generac generator installers in a specific area. The ZIP code of the area where the search is to be done is required to begin the search. After this code has been given, the “Dealer Locator” feature will show the location of all authorized dealers in the area. We are an authorized Generac dealer so you can give us a call and we’d be happy to assist you.